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    Essix (temporary retainers)

    The essix retainer is made of clear durable plastic, it snaps into place over your teeth.  Our office uses the essix retainer as a temporary retainer to maintain your orthodontic results.  In a few weeks you will receive acrylic retainers which you will wear as instructed.

    Care of your Essix Retainer:

    • keep them clean by brushing after each use with toothpaste and cold water.
    • Your retainer is made of plastic.  Therefore, you should keep it away from heat including such things as:  boiling water, car dashboards, microwave ovens, washing machines and clothes dryers.  The plastic will distort and the retainer will no longer fit properly if it is exposed to heat.
    • Store the Essix retainer in the case provided and place it in a safe location when not in use.  Be sure to store your retainers where pets cannot get at them.
    • Do not wrap your retainers in napkins.  You or someone else will throw them away.
    • KEEP YOUR ESSIX RETAINERS!!!  They can be used as a backup if anything ever happens to your acrylic retainers.

    Acrylic retainers

    You have just finished with the active phase of orthodontic treatment and your braces have been removed.  Your teeth are now straight and your bite is correct.  I am very pleased with our result and I hope that you are too!

    You have been given a set of removable retainers and a case to keep them in.  To help ensure the stability of our results your retainers MUST be worn.  It is imperative that you wear them as directed.  Throughout life as a person ages it is a natural occurrence for teeth to move and shift.  In order to keep such movement to a minimum, I am asking you to NEVER discontinue wearing your retainers.  Eventually I will instruct you to wear them less, but to never discontinue them completely.

    To take care of your retainers, brush them with toothpaste and cold water and soak them once a week in a denture cleanser.  Never wrap them in a napkin as they will inadvertently be thrown out.  Also, cats and dogs like to eat retainers, so keep them in the provided case when not being worn.  The retainers are removable, therefore there is some risk of loss and breakage while not being worn.  A charge will be made for replacement or repair.

    Even though your braces are off I will continue to see you periodically over the next 1-2 years to check the stability of your treatment.  Continue to see your dentist on a regular basis as well.  Occasionally, due to a late growth spurt or from not wearing the retainers, retreatment may be necessary.

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