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  • University of Colorado 1988



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    Elastics create a continuous force causing the upper and lower teeth to move into alignment.  The elastics are connected to specific teeth to move the teeth in a planned direction.

    • Elastics should be worn 24 hours a day unless otherwise instructed.  Remove them only to eat, brush, floss, or while wearing a sports mouthguard.  Part time wear will not work in correcting your bite.
    • Replace the elastics at least once a day because the elasticity is gradually lost.
    • Plan ahead, take elastics to school, work or trips.  Ask for extra packages as needed.
    • If you run out of elastics before your next appointment, call and we will send you more.
    • If an elastic hook breaks, call us immediately so we can fix the problem.  
    • Expect some discomfort in the first few days.  This will diminish when the elastics are worn consistently.  Taking a break from them will only cause a vicious cycle of discomfort.


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